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Katherine Alteneder

Self-Represented Litigation Network
Executive Director
Washington, DC
Since 2013, Katherine Alteneder has been the Executive Director of the Self-Represented Litigation Network (SRLN) the only non-profit supporting justice system professionals focused on the question of how best to reform ALL aspects of the legal system (courts, legal aid, the bar and non-legal partners) so that SRLs experience the courts (and indeed the legal system) as a consumer oriented environment guided by the principles of equal protection and due process. Before joining the SRLN, Ms. Alteneder spent her career in Alaska, initially as a trial court law clerk and then a legal aid lawyer. In 2001, Ms. Alteneder joined the Alaska Court System and designed and launched the nation's first virtual self-help center. In 2008, Ms. Alteneder established a successful unbundled practice and founded the first Unbundled Law Section of a state bar. She has a BA from Northwestern University, and her JD, cum laude from Seattle University School of Law. She resides in Virginia.