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Farah Majid

Legal Services Alabama
Managing Attorney
Birmingham, AL
Farah Majid joined LSA in August 2012. Majid's specialty practice areas include: consumer, housing, family law, public benefits, and bankruptcy cases. Majid was selected as LSA’s Advocate of the Year in 2014. She has served as a Staff Attorney in LSA’s Mobile and Huntsville offices and is also a member of LSA's High Impact Litigation Unit. Majid became the organization's Consumer Lead Attorney in November 2015. As Consumer Lead Attorney, Majid's primary focus was on enforcing low-income consumers’ constitutional rights to protect their wages from garnishment. Majid has led statewide advocacy efforts in this area, helping train other lawyers, providing form pleadings, and engaging the bench and Bar. Majid has also taught CLE's to LSA attorneys, Volunteer Lawyer Programs, and private attorneys from across the state. In December 2018, Majid began serving as Coordinating Project Attorney on the Rural Economic Improvement Project, which aims to increase access to services in rural counties statewide. She implemented numerous statewide projects in collaboration with service provider agencies, public libraries, other groups, and utilized technology to better reach rural Alabamians. In June 2020, Majid began serving at the Managing Attorney of the Birmingham Office. Majid is a graduate of The University of Alabama's School of Law (2011).