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Alexander Shalom

Senior Supervising Attorney
Newark, NJ
Alexander Shalom is Senior Supervising Attorney at the ACLU-NJ. In that role, Alex litigates cases on issues that disproportionately impact people of color. He appears in trial and appellate courts throughout the state seeking to ensure more accountable police practices, criminal justice and juvenile justice systems that are more just, better conditions for those in prisons and jails, expanded voting rights, fairer treatment for immigrants, and more equitable access to education. He also engages in policy advocacy in each of those issue areas, meeting with policymakers, testifying before legislative and rulemaking bodies, and appearing in the media. Prior to joining the ACLU-NJ, Alex worked as an Assistant Deputy Public Defender in Essex County. In 2007, he was awarded the Public Defender's statewide "Young Lawyer of the Year Award." Prior to becoming a criminal defense attorney, he was Capital Cases Clerk for Chief Justice Deborah Poritz at the New Jersey Supreme Court.