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Friday, May 10

7:30am EDT

8:30am EDT

Disaster Legal Tech: How Remote Services Technology and Other Online Resources Can Help Disaster Survivors Marriott Ballroom Salon 2Claudia Johnson • Jess Penkoff • Laren Spirer Expanding Our Reach: The Future of Rural Service Delivery Marriott Ballroom Salon 3Sarah Carver • Liz Keith • Nikole Nelson I Get Diversity, But What is Inclusion? Recognizing Bias in Legal Aid Bluegrass 1Dina Shafey Scott • Rhodia Thomas • Miguel Willis Centralizing and Specializing Legal Services: TurboTax for Bankruptcy RoseRohan Pavuluri • Kimberly Sanchez Oh the Places That You'll Go! Strategic Pro Bono Planning Roadmap Marriott Ballroom Salon 1Ericka Garcia • Julia Wilson Strategic Advocacy against Automated System Bias Marriott Ballroom Salon 8Anna Dorn-Gulotta • Alex Gulotta • Kevin De Liban • Julia Simon-Mishel • David Udell A Multi-Tiered Approach to Providing Access to the Courts by People in Prison Bluegrass 2Greg Belzley • Nicole Godfrey • Greg McConnell • Alan Mills Shark Tank: Pro Bono Innovation Fund Edition Marriott Ballroom Salon 10Jennifer Cuesta • Adam Heintz • Rachel Riemenschneider • Kate White Tapping into Tech: Strategies for Integrating Tech Tools into Pro Bono Recruitment and Retention Marriott Ballroom Salon 7Nancy Anderson • Mike Grunenwald • Jacek Pruski • Laurie Rashidi-Yazd The Intersection of Health Care and Immigration: Tackling the "Public Charge" Rule through Pro Bono Involvement Marriott Ballroom Salon 9Scott Fishman • Alvaro M. Huerta • Mara Youdelman Gender-Based Violence Federal Legislative Update Marriott Ballroom Salon 4Rebecca Henry

10:00am EDT

10:15am EDT

Creating and Managing Successful Eviction Diversion Programs RosePeter Gilbert • Elizabeth Rios • Donald Roberts Linking Victims and Civil Legal Services: Serving Underserved Populations through Partnership Marriott Ballroom Salon 3Sarah Capps Hayes • Tori Hardin Henninger • Kristy Vick-Stratton Nonlawyer Navigators in State Courts: An Emerging Consensus Marriott Ballroom Salon 1Mary Mcclymont • Dr. Rebecca L. Sandefur Advancing Equity from the Inside Out Marriott Ballroom Salon 4Janet Chung • Kimberly Merchant • Jennifer Werdell How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve LegalTech Marriott Ballroom Salon 2IV Ashton • Abhijeet Chavan • Angela Tripp Better Together: How Successful Collaborations Make Us Stronger and More Effective Bluegrass 1Annie Pineda • Laren Spirer • Ben Weinberg Ensuring Access to Justice in Rural Areas Marriott Ballroom Salon 7Christopher Chavis • Amanda Kool • Heather Scheiwe-Kulp Pro Bono Data Analytics for Improving Your Program and Expanding Funding Kentucky Ballroom Salon A-BKarl A. Doss • Ericka Garcia • John E. Whitfield • Ken Smith Ph.D. Setting the Standard(s): Best Practices for Supervision of Domestic & Sexual Violence Marriott Ballroom Salon 9Alicia L. Aiken, J.D. • Vivian Huelgo • Jamie Perez • Susheela Varky • Matt Wilkins Leading for Fundraising Success: What Every Executive Director Should Know Bluegrass 2Ana Cruz • Jon Laramore • Adrienne Worthy Economic Justice through Scam Prevention for Older Adults Marriott Ballroom Salon 10Bill Campbell • Lisa Weintraub Schifferle • Neva-Marie Scott Top Ten Best Policies for State and Local Fines and Fees Regimes Marriott Ballroom Salon 8Lisa Foster • David Udell

11:45am EDT

12:00pm EDT

1:45pm EDT

Civil Gideon: Defending Procedural Justice in Civil Protection Order Cases Bluegrass 1Keeshea Turner Roberts • Abigail Scott Legal Aid Collaboration in Juvenile and Criminal Records Relief Marriott Ballroom Salon 7Richard Cozzola • Sue Pak • Sarah Sallen Resilient + Ready: Collaboration Strategies to Strengthen Disaster Response Marriott Ballroom Salon 4Norah Rogers • Katherine Asaro • Ariadna Godreau Aubert • Liz Keith Building Your LGBT Practice Marriott Ballroom Salon 9Xander Karsten • Lillian Moy • Milo Primeaux Talking about Clients: Honoring Stories, Communicating Needs, and Disrupting Essentialist Narratives Marriott Ballroom Salon 3Piper Anderson • Elizabeta (Liz) Markuci • Hamra Ahmad What is Past is Prologue: The Indian Child Welfare Act Marriott Ballroom Salon 8Sarah Carver • Yvonne Galey • Steve Hager • Stephanie Hudson • Niki Lindsey • Nikole Nelson • Greg Razo Empowering Tenants: Technology Interventions in Housing Justice Systems RoseToby Grytafey • Ken Johnson • Dan Kass • Quinten Steenhuis Did You Get That? Effective Strategies in Training and Technical Assistance Thouroughbreed+FillyRonké Hughes • Dina Shafey Scott Effective Strategic Advocacy in a Time of Challenge and Change Marriott Ballroom Salon 10Catherine C. Carr • Kimberly Merchant • Adam Mueller Effective Online Communications with Clients Marriott Ballroom Salon 1Tali Albukerk • Katherine Alteneder • Nicole Capretta • Anna Steele The Kids Are Alright: Strategies for Pro Bono Work with Immigrant Children Marriott Ballroom Salon 2BJ Jensen • Chelsea Sahai • Kaavya Viswanathan Creating an Easy-to-Implement Development Plan Bluegrass 2Mary Asbury • Charmaine S. Torma

3:15pm EDT

3:45pm EDT

Creating Inclusive Justice Ecosystems in Alaska and Hawaii: Insights from the Legal Navigator Initiative (ATJ/EJC Overlap Session) ShowSergio Alcubilla • Liz Keith • Glenn Rawdon • Erika Rickard Making Effective Use of "Nonlawyer" Navigators in State Courts: an Emerging Consensus (ATJ/EJC Overlap Session) Kentucky Ballroom Salon DMary Mcclymont • Dr. Rebecca L. Sandefur Strategic Planning and Justice for All: Getting Every Person the Legal Help They Need (ATJ/EJC Overlap Session) WinKatherine Alteneder • Danielle Hirsch Strategies and Tips for Maintaining/Restoring Legal Services and ATJ Funding in the Government Arena (ATJ/EJC Overlap Session) PlaceHon. Michelle Keller • Jason Nemes For the People: How Lawyers Must Support Community and Client-led Social Change Initiatives Marriott Ballroom Salon 4Jamila Martin • Jayesh Patel • Jill Williams • Swapna Yeluri Training Attorneys with Virtual Reality Marriott Ballroom Salon 2Drew Amoroso • Gloria Chun • Matthew Stubenberg Legal Threats to State Bars: Potential Impact on Access to Justice Initiatives and Funding for Civil Legal Aid Marriott Ballroom Salon 9Chris Buerger • Monte Mollere • Don Saunders • Maria Thomas-Jones • Janet Welch Faith & Justice Alliance Pro Bono Clinics: From Inception to Action Marriott Ballroom Salon 3J. William Coley • Kathryn Ellis • Rev. Lee Fox Major Immigration Updates: Asylum and Other Hot Topics Marriott Ballroom Salon 1Robyn Barnard • Nareeneh Sohbatian Securing Safe Housing in Detroit and Beyond Bluegrass 1Marie DeFer • Linda Jordan • Stephanie Moes • Steve Sharpe

4:00pm EDT

6:00pm EDT